Globally, airline pilot employment this year is anticipated to be tight with lots of qualified pilots contending for the restricted settings.

In the past pilot candidates with the greatest credentials were the finest put for the task deal. This is no more the instance. With the introduction of behavior-based meetings, more youthful far better-ready pilots are filling up the right seat.

Behavioral talking is based upon the presumption that past behavior is the very best predictor of future behavior. You will certainly understand you are being hit with a behavior question when it begins with “Inform us concerning a time … “

Currently, picture your sitting in your airline company interview, refined shoes as well as brand-new match, return to gleaming from your success and also from out of no place comes:

” Tell me regarding a time when you obtained carbon monoxide – employees or schoolmates who disliked each other to interact. Just how did you achieve this? What was the end result?”

Grains of sweat start basing on your forehead as you battle for an example, “What has this reached finish with being an airline pilot!” you believe to on your own.

The landscape of the contemporary airline company pilot interview has altered, gone are the days of a pleasant chat with the principal pilot and his deputy, nowadays the panel will contain a representative from trip procedures as well as at least one member of the Human Resources Department.

And it’s this participant of the human resources department that stands out worry into the minds of the inadequate unprepared, would certainly – be airline company pilot. No one, no matter exactly how knowledgeable you might be will get approval without this typically twenty-something university graduate’s blessing.

So, just how do we prepare ourselves for a behavioral-based interview?

We suggest you assemble a listing of at least 5 different circumstances that you can overcome as well as increase-on. Your examples need to drop under the following;

  1. An event when you had to solve a conflict in the workplace.
  2. Functioned effectively on a project as a participant of a group.
  3. Changed your communication design to fit a certain environment.
  4. Had to think quickly and also on your feet to transforming circumstances.
  5. Were called for to operate beyond your SOP’s.

Currently having actually put together your list it is essential to structure your solution properly. We teach our customers to use the phrase S.A.O.

S. Situation – Discuss the circumstance.

A. Activity – Your Activities.

O. Result – The End result.


” Tell us about a time when you needed to act rapidly and on your feet?”

The Situation

I was operating a charter trip from Bankstown to Moree in a Cessna 310 with four guests on board. On reaching the circuit area and also reducing the touchdown equipment I obtained both aesthetic and also dental signs that the left gear was not totally prolonged.

The Activity Taken

I silenced the caution horn by pulling back the flaps, which both soothed the travelers and allowed me to focus on the task available. I actioned the suitable checklist, which included manually expanding the landing gear. This offered me the call for 3 green lights suggesting the gear was down and locked. To better verify the equipment was down I requested a fly-by with a regional pilot on the ground. After confirmation by the pilot, I expanded the touchdown flaps to ensure there was no caution horn.

The Result

I finished my touchdown list and also made a typical method as well as a touchdown. On getting off the group leader discussed my tranquil attitude as well as professionalism throughout a tense circumstance.

Making use of the phrase S.A.O. will certainly give structure and equilibrium to your answer, making it easy to both comply with and also extra significantly to provide.

One Of The Most Crucial Questions in Your Airline Company Pilot Meeting

” So Mark, why don’t you start by informing us a little bit about it on your own?”

I’m going to let you on a little secret today, be prepared since this is likely to shock you! That rep from Human Resources sitting contrary to you in your pilot meeting does not care whether you can fly an airplane or otherwise! That’s right, they are not interested whether you are army skilled, have hundreds of hrs flying turboprops, or failed your last check trip, they are simply interested in the person.

” Be ready or prepare to fail” With that in mind exactly how do we get ready for that person’s concern that is absolutely assured to be asked?

” So Mark, why don’t you start by informing us a little bit about it on your own?”

By its very nature this question is typically first off and although normally thought about as an “Ice Breaker” absolutely nothing can be further from reality. Learn more info about aviation from Rob Wiesenthal at this link.

Understanding that you are likely to encounter this set first off how are you likely to structure your response so as to engage and fascinate your audience to the point that they like you and the tasks basically guaranteed?

Bear in mind the old stating regarding first impressions? The job interviewers will certainly develop a viewpoint of you in that vital initial number of minutes that will certainly be practically difficult to reverse. In our pilot coaching session, we invest around 40% of our time on this set question alone, that’s the level of relevance we position on ensuring our clients nail this response.